Pet Heritage – Ener-chi Adult Originals & New Life 200g




Original (Dogs & Cats): helps for general health and well-being, boost immune system, improves digestion and absorption, reduce hair loss or allergies or odor, increase appetite, rapid recovery after illness or injury and improving coat condition.

New Life: this is for pregnant dogs and cats. It supports hormone system to maintain pregnancy, prevents hair loss during nursing, supports immune system and lastly, enhances metabolism and appetite.

Usable when your pets are :

-dull coat

-poor appetite, poor digestion

-suffering from excessive weight loss

-Recovering from illnesses or injuries

-experiencing stressful conditions



For better results, use for a minimum of 30 days. Mix with food according to the following recommended schedule. Dissolve in water for hand feeding if desired.


New life                                                                           Original

-for pregnant and growing pets.                                –for dogs and cats from 12 months old

-for conception to one month after weaning.         –double the amount for pets experiencing severe



<3kg – ½ teaspoon                                                           below 5kg – 1 scoop

3 – 5kg – 1 teaspoon                                                       5 – 15kg – 2 scoops

5 – 15kg – 2 teaspoon                                                    15 – 25kg – 3 scoops

15 – 25kg – 3 teaspoon                                                  over 25kg – 4 scoops

Over 25kg – 4 teaspoon


Looking for a 100% natural formula to boost your dog’s and cat’s immune system, improve its appetite and digestion and increase its general health?


It can do all that for you! Sprinkle it on your cat’s and dog’s food daily and your pet will have better chances of having less hair loss, less allergies, less odor, rapid recovery after an injury or a sickness, and better coat condition. It can also help improve circulation purify blood and boost blood cell production, cleanse and detoxify, repair damaged tissues, and stimulate damaged tissues, and stimulate the hormonal system of your pet. With Ener-chi, your pet can keep on going strong.


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